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School Management System

School Management Software, a companion on your wonderful journey!

How well is your school managed and how much efficient the current system is? Maybe you are obnoxious about the current operating system and want to enhance it. Or you have a good system but it costs a lot. But when you have a better option of an efficient system at low of the cost, why shouldn’t you grab that opportunity? That’s what our business proposition is. We can provide you the best School management software in Bangladesh at the most cost-efficient price. You can easily manage and evaluate the student’s performance, teachers report, asset management, intercommunication build up etc. in a very easy and comfortable way. Also, our software can help your organization sustain and adapt to any dynamic change of nature. The users can regularly update, check, evaluate and scrutinize each and every detail which will help you to take important decisions and meet the organizational goals.

Education is the light of our society. To enlighten people with good etiquette, a good management of nurturing is necessary. To keep track of a huge number of students and think of their development, at the same time synchronize the employee and teachers, are a huge load of pressure to the school committee and sensitive in terms of students. A single error can mess a students life and create a harmful impact on students. To eradicate these confusions and frustrations, our school management software in Bangladesh can claim the role.


User Roles

4 Predefined Roles: Admins, Teachers, Students & Parents


Easily customize administrators previllages or full previllages


Have access to their students data, Approve students, Control attendance and marks


Have access to data, Take exams, download material, See schedule and more


Can see their students progress, absense, Marksheet & use messaging


10 predefined languages, RTL Support And easy to define new one


12 predefined themes, User has ability to switch his own theme

Statics Pages

Set your own static pages with rich editor and select the scope of visibility


Create polls & control visibility to user roles


Simple way fro messaging between users


Public Registration, Administrator & teachers approval. Can be switched off


8 SMS APIs & 4 Mail delivery methods used for attendance, exam details & Inviduals


Automatic Invoicing, Expenses & payments. Web Space It support paypal integration

Academic Years

Manage student’s academic years and track their progress over years


Easily promote students to new academic years & track past data of students


Manage students & teachers attendance. Track their data over dates


Teachers & students can apply for vacations requests. Viewed in attendance and can be approved / declined


Manage exams, Grade levels & Mark sheet. Bulk mark sheet generation supported.

Online Exams

Manage online exams, multiple tools, Auto marking. Multiple types of questions supported.


Manage Assignment, Upload files & students can upload answers files

Books Library

Create Online library by either download or book availability on library

Media Center

Upload images, you tube & videos in unlimited albums

Study Material

Upload & manage student’s study material. Classified with classes

News & Events

Declare your school news & events. Control it’s visibility to user roles


List events, news, exams & online exams on calendar


Manage Hostel & their relationship to students


Control students transportation & track their subscription

Classes & Sections

Dormitories, classes & subjects are 3 categories to organize structure

Class Schedule

Create classes schedule/routine for each class


Generate data reports about various parts of system

Mark sheet

Generate mark sheet, export to PDF & Bulk generation

Install / Upgrade

Easy to install / upgrade. Just 3 steps. One, Two, Finish

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