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What kind of Software solutions are available for different industries?

Web Space IT, a software development company in Bangladesh provides a wide range of variety software providing services in Bangladesh. Since its inception in 2008, it has been working on making innovative and effective software for various business operations. Its variety of business subjective software includes HRM, Accounting, POS (Point of Sales), Commercial, Inventory management, Digital asset management etc. Besides, for various garment companies, Web Space IT has Garments ERP suite that provides a wide range of software services at a time.

Here are few software modules, which helps many large and small companies to operate their business.


There are many software development companies in Bangladesh that provide the Accounting software service. Web Space IT, a professional software development company in Bangladesh, is also providing a cutting accounting software to its clients. This software has become a necessity for almost large and small companies. It focuses on managing the transactional activities in the company. Also, it provides the service of keeping an account of all the inventories an organization has. So, if you are thinking of an accountant absolutely free from error, just ask the Accounting software. It will meet all your accounting related demands at a very cheap price. Web Space IT, among all the software development company in Bangladesh, provides the best quality Accounting software for its clients.


One of the most important tasks a business organization has to regulate is its sales. Through software, they can identify their sales target and organize sales calls and works in such a way that ensures the best outcome of cash. Also, the software helps to identify potential target markets and grab new market by evaluating the sales report of various places. So, if you are concerned to take your business corporation to a new level of success, get the POS software. Because it is worthy of investing as it brings 10 times more cash for your company. Though very few IT company and software development company in Bangladesh provides similar services, Web Space IT has its own POS software that provides customizable feature and best for its quality.


Marketing is all about the activities related that bring the expected sales target. To perform that, alongside operating the Marketing programs with a POS software, the SMS marketing, and E-mail marketing software can prove a big leap for any business organization. The software itself is designed to perform the needs of marketing related solutions for any company.


HRM works with human resource management of a company. Employee wages, performances, job satisfaction etc. now can be operated through the software. This has made the work of the business leaders pretty much easy. They can now regulate these operations from any place at any time. A software development company, Web Space IT can provide such software service at a cheaper price with the best quality service available.

Inventory Management:

There is a big number of software development companies in Bangladesh who has existing inventory management software. Web Space IT, a Software Development Company in Bangladesh has also existing inventory management software. This company can also customize inventory management software with your business.

SEO software:

SEO software is very demanding software all around the world. Web Space IT, Software Development Company in Bangladesh has introduced an effective and powerful SEO software for their international and national clients. Through this software, you can research keyword, swing article’s words, post to social media and lots more.

Commercial software:

Web Space IT, one of the best Software Development Company in Bangladesh is providing cutting edge commercial software for the large number garment manufacturing companies as well as spinning mills of Bangladesh. Its commercial software includes Record of commercial information, Record LC details, After production, Packaging, Shipment information, Yarn Purchase Requisition, Yarn Work Order, Dyes and Chemical Work Order, Bill of Lading & Shipment confirmation, Buyer wise Sales Control, Manage Buyer Wise Master LC/ and Back to Back LC, BTB LC Opening & Amendment, Creating Commercial Invoice, Creating Packing List, Creating Delivery Challan, Forwarding Letter, Acceptance Clearance, BTB Liability Coverage Report, BTB or Margin LC Report, Order Wise Export Invoice Report, Export Statement as of today, Monthly Export Import and lots more.

Garments ERP Suite:

Web Space IT has brought ERP suite for the garment companies of Bangladesh. Many module software of this ERP suite includes weaving, spinning, textiles etc. Also, you can customize this software according to your needs. The ERP suite would make the huge and complex workload in the garments factory easy and simple.

How much reliable is this IT company and software development company in Bangladesh?

As the IT industry is becoming more popular in Bangladesh, IT companies in Bangladesh nowadays is growing in number. They are relentlessly working hard to make more efficient and beneficial technological solution system for Bangladesh and also in the international arena. Recently, The IT companies in Bangladesh are exporting various software in the international market and also been famous for the following works. The government has targeted this IT industry as the `New big thing in future`. So, it is encouraging the IT companies and software development company in Bangladesh to engage in such operations more than ever. Web Space IT, a leading web and software development company in Bangladesh provide its software solutions for many of its national and international clients. It has captured a vast reputation for its quality work and its immense enthusiasm. So, if you are thinking right now to fasten your work and organize it appropriately for your organization, then get a software right now.

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